Guidelines for Moderators, Chairs and presenters

Information for Chairs, presenters, Participants

Submission period for presentation data files

Tuesday, November 15, 2021 - Monday, November 30, 2021

※Please submit by the deadline. We are unable to change or replace presentations sent after the submission period.

How to submit your presentation file

In mid-November, we will send an email to your email address containing a URL for uploading your presentation file. Please check the information in the body of the email, including your name, affiliation, and presentation number. If the information is correct, click on the URL in the body of the email to open the Submission System.

【Creation and format of presentation files】

Please prepare your presentation according to your style of it.
For details, please download the " Guidelines for General Presentations " here.

For oral presentation
For Poster presentation
  • Posters will be presented in PDF format (PDF version of multiple PPT slides. Please note
  • that it is not possible to have one large poster file).
  • Please prepare no more than 15 slides.
  • Please read “Guidelines for General Presentations” before preparing your presentation.
  • The presentation file should be prepared in Japanese for the domestic conference and
  • English for the international conference.
  • Please submit your presentation as a PDF file.
For Paper presentation(Presentation of published articles)
  • Abstracts of articles submitted to the conference but which will not be presented will be converted into PDF format by the Conference Secretariat and posted on the website.
  • There is no need to submit presentation files.

How to use the “chat” function during the Conference

  • Questions and answers during the exhibition will be conducted via the chat (bulletin board) function. We would appreciate your cooperation.
  • When you open your own presentation page, the chat (bulletin board) will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • When a question is posted, you will receive an email to notify you that your question has been posted to the email address you registered in advance, so please respond accordingly.
  • The answers to the questions should be posted on your own presentation page.


  • The Conference Secretariat will check the submitted presentations to see that they work, and also whether the COI disclosure slide has been included.
  • We will not notify you when the check is completed. The secretariat will contact you only when there is a flaw in the presentation file.
  • During the submission period, if you wish to replace a presentation file due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact the Secretariat.
  • Please note that we are unable to change or replace the file after the submission period. We will not be able to replace the materials after the submission deadline.
If you have any questions regarding submission of your presentation, please contact us by email at