Information about Registration as Participants in JAPHN and GNPHN
The term “JAPHN” in this document refers to the 10th Annual Conference of Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing and “GNPHN,” the 6th International Conference of Global Network of Public Health Nursing. Unless otherwise specified, the information in this document is common to both JAPHN and GNPHN.

Participation Methods

  • There are two types of registration as participants: “prior” and “general.”
  • For “Prior Registration as Participants,” click the button “Prior Registration” at the bottom of the page.
  • Anyone can participate in the JAPHN/GNPHN Joint Conference, regardless of occupation, qualification, and nationality.
  • The participation fee is different between members and non-members.

Participant Registration Period

For both JAPHN and GNPHN:
June 1 (Tuesday), 2021 to October 29 (Friday), 2021 for “Prior Registration”
October 30 (Saturday), 2021 to January 18 (Tuesday), 2022 for “General Registration”

Participation fee

Participation fee

Type of registration Prior (Early Bird) General
GNPHN member 20,000 JPY 25,000 JPY
GNPHN non-member 30,000 JPY 35,000 JPY
Developing countries 10,000 JPY 12,000 JPY
Student (excluding graduate students) 8,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
Guide:(Early Bird 20,000 JPY ≒ 190$)+(GNPHN Member Fee 60$) ≒ 250$
Non Member 30,000 JPY ≒ 285$    ★285$>250$
(Student 8,000 JPY ≒ 77$)+(GNPHN Member Fee 15$) ≒ 92$
  • Any participant can participate in any of the JAPHN/GNPHN joint sessions. (For details, refer to the Program.)
  • There are sessions in which only GNPHN participants can participate.
  • GNPHN participants can participate in all JAPHN sessions.
  • GNPHN participants can be a first author for presentation at JAPHN (where the language to be used is Japanese).
  • Almost all sessions will be delivered on demand between January 4, 2022 and January 31, 2022.
  • First authors need to pay the participation fee within the “Prior” registration period.
  • When you are not currently a member of GNPHN (Global Network Public Health Nursing) and register your participation as a “GNPHN” member, you need to pay the GNPHN membership fee in addition to the conference participation fee.

※When you have registered as a GNPHN member for participation in the Conference but have not completed the procedure for becoming the member at the time of closing the Conference, you will be requested to pay the difference between the participation fee as a member and that as a non-member.

※The participation fee is not refundable. Your kind understanding is appreciated.

※The participation fee for the Conference is different from the annual membership fee of each society and needs to be paid into the designated account, which is different from that for the annual membership fee payment. Please notice these differences.

Participant Registration

Pocket Program and Proceedings

  Registered participant Non-registered participant
Member Pocket Program will be sent in advance.
Proceedings (PDF) can be downloaded.
Pocket Program will be sent in advance.
Non-member Proceedings (PDF) can be downloaded.
Student (excluding graduate students)

※Pocket Program will be sent to the members who have completed the annual membership fee payment by the day of sending it.

※It is planned to send Pocket Program early December.
When you do not need to receive Pocket Program, please let us know your desire upon registration.

※Proceedings (PDF) can be downloaded starting late December. No book-type Proceedings will be available.

Social gathering (Details of online gathering are under consideration.)

Joint Seminar (for which details are under consideration)

Participation Certificate

When it is confirmed that you paid the participation fee, you will receive the information about the method of downloading your Participation Certificate in the Page for Issuance of Participation Certificate.

Information (in preparation)

Information about holding the JAPHN/GNPHN Joint Conference (PDF)

A4-size poster (PDF)

Information about receipts (PDF)

If there is anything which is unclear to you or you have any inquiry, please contact the following:

MICE Sales Department, Osaka Corporate Sales Management Division
Address: Yamaguchi Gen Building 6F, 3-4-1 Bingo-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, 541-0051 JAPAN
Telephone: +81-(0)6-4256-3869 FAX:+81-(0)6-6204-1763
Persons in charge: Tani, Ikeda
Operating hours: 9:30 to 17:30 on weekdays (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)