Envisioning a deepening and evolving China-Japan-Korea Partnership ~From sharing information and experiences to creating mutual trust~

Date: Friday, 21 October, 2016
Venue: Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall
1st Basement Floor, East Wing, International House of Japan (I-House)

A Cooperation Dialogue between Japan, China, and Korea which has been convening every year since 2014, with the vision of contributing to nurturing an East Asian Community mindset, and to the region’s peace and prosperity. Intellectual leaders who are influential in national policies and businesses of each country, discusses cooperation between the three countries, utilizing FTAs to achieve sustainable growth strategies. What fruit the three-country cooperation brings, will be shown to you through the vivid discussions amongst the experts, displaying the future outlook for a new East Asia. Economic relationships between the three countries will be shown holistically and comprehensively, thus being useful to future business expansions.




09:00-09:10...OPENING REMARKS

09:10-09:30 ...KEYNOTE SPEECH

09:30-10:30 ...PRESENTATION


11:50-12:00 ...SPECIAL SPEECH

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