Oral Presentation

Each speaker must keep the following time:

Special lecture:
30-min presentation, 10-min discussion
25-min presentation, 5-min discussion
Medal lecture:
40-min presentation
Award lecture:
20-min presentation
15-min presentation, 5-min discussion

For slide projection, Microsoft PowerPoint or Acrobat PDF is recommended. Our projector (EB-Z11000W, Epson) will be connected with D-sub 15 pin and HDMI inputs. We prepare a Windows 10 notebook computer on which MS Office 2016 and Acrobat Reader DC have been installed. Because we are going to use three screens at once in the conference venue (1 for main and 2 for subs), we strongly advise you to use our Windows 10 notebook. Alternatively, if you wish to use your own notebook, please don’t forget to bring a suitable cable adaptor (especially Mac people). We also ask you to bring a backup copy of your presentation file in a USB flash memory.

Poster Presentation

All posters will be displayed on a poster board of H200 x W90 cm2. Mounting pins are available on each board. You may display your poster after registration is started. All posters are displayed throughout the symposium, and poster sessions will be held at the following date/time:

Even number:
Day 2, July 9 (Mon) 17:20 – 18:10
Day 5, July 12 (Thu) 17:10 – 18:00
Odd number:
Day 2, July 9 (Mon) 18:10 – 19:00
Day 5, July 12 (Thu) 16:20 – 17:10


Submission Deadline

May 15 Deadline of abstract submission

*To Travel Grants Applicants:
Please be aware that deadline of abstract submission for Travel Grants Applicants is as following:
Mar 15  Deadline of Travel Grants application & abstract submission
Apr 16  Notification of travel grants acceptance / rejection
*For more details, please see “Financial Aid”.

Abstract Submission