Award Winners/学会賞受賞者

Ohtsuka Award (ISNAC Outstanding Oral Presentation Award for Young Scientist 2018)

1O-01Dr. Yasuaki Kimura (Nagoya University, Japan)
Development of 2’-β Seleno Nucleoside Analogs as Irreversible Inhibitors for Viral Polymerases
1O-09Dr. Tingting Zou (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
Cyclic naphthalene diimdie for tetraplex DNA recognition and its application for cancer therapy
1O-15Dr. Hirotaka Murase (Tohoku University, Japan)
Development of small molecular G-clamp derivatives binding to RNA higher-order structure

ISNAC Outstanding Poster Award 2018

P066Mr. Fumitaka Hashiya (Kyoto University, Japan)
Electron Injection into DNA from Mitochondrial Transcription Factor A
P084Mr. Ji Hoon Han (Kyoto University, Japan)
A Novel Approach to the Determination of Nucleosome Structure Using the Highly Emissive Nucleobase thdG-tC FRET Pair
P090Mr. Jun Matsumoto (Osaka University, Japan)
Development of Isoquinoline Ligand Binding to r(CUG) Repeats 
P103Ms. Orakan Hanpanich (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Enhancement of the allosteric nucleic acid enzymes activity by the cationic copolymers for miRNAs detection