Abstract submission

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  1. Deadline
    The submission deadline is January 5, 2016.
  2. Who to submit the abstract
    Only the corresponding author can submit the abstract.
  3. Requirements
    The following standards are required for the abstract.
    1. Appropriateness of the paper title.
    2. Containing interesting and sufficient contents based on highly qualified science and technology.
    3. Correctness of the contents and appropriateness in description.
    4. Not containing inappropriate descriptions such as excessive propaganda on products or technology and slander to the others
  4. Specifications to be made
    1. Select ion of one symposium  topic in which you wish most to make presentation
    2. Preference of presentation  type ( Oral/Poster/No preference)
    3. Specification of presenting author and the order of authors on the program

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Abstract Submission