Welcome Letter

Welcome Address
- Opening the International Symposium on Castleman Disease -

Dear Participants in the 1st ISCD
It is our great honor and pleasure to welcome all the participants to the 1st International Symposium on Castleman Disease (1st ISCD 2021) to be hosted entirely on-line from August until October by Osaka University in Japan.
This ISCD is the first international meeting held at first outside USA. We will offer a platform to facilitate interaction between physicians, pathologists, scientist, patients and professionals representing the pharmaceutical companies from around the world.
The field of Castleman disease research has been tremendous social, medical and scientific progress over the last thirty years, since the discover of IL-6 and IL-6 inhibition therapy. This progress has been accelerated through the establishment of Castleman disease Collaborative Network (CDCN) by David Fajgenbaum and Frits van Rhee in 2012.
Then, since the rare Castleman disease has been recognized in the field of pathology, hematology, rheumatology and clinical immunology, the analysis of Castleman disease both in basic research and clinical practice has been spread over the world internationally.

Under the present conditions, this International Symposium is timely opened.

The organizing committee is looking forward to hosting an exciting, fruitful and enjoyable on-line symposium and encourage your participation. We hope this meeting will promote international collaboration and spur new progress in the field of Castleman disease research among physicians, scientists and patients.

Kazuyuki Yoshizaki, M.D., Ph.D.
Chair, The 1st International Symposium on Castleman Disease
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University