Program (Oral & Poster)

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Program of ISPL2018

Scientific Program

Sunday, July 8

Opening Reception

Monday, July 9

Conference Welcome
Session 1: Fatty Acids and Glycerolipids

Keynote Speaker: Juliette Jouhet (CEA-CNRS)

Molecular dynamics simulations highlight how DGDG atomic-scale interactions contribute to the 3D-architecture of thylakoids
Special Lecture 1: Recent Advances in Imaging of Plant Lipids

Speaker: Kent Chapman (University of North Texas)

Imaging and high-resolution analysis of plant lipids
Session 2: Lipid Trafficking and Channeling

Keynote Speaker: Christoph Benning (Michigan State University)

Proteolytic regulation of lipid movement in the chloroplast envelope membranes
Session 3: Secondary Metabolic Lipids

Keynote Speaker: Alain Hehn (Université de Lorraine UMR)

Biosynthesis of furanocoumarins, lipophilic phenolic metabolites, in plants
Poster Session 1

Tuesday, July 10

Session 4: Lipids and Environment

Keynote Speaker: Thorsten Nürnberger (Eberhard-Karls-Univ.)

Eudicot plant-specific glucosylinositol phosphorylceramides determine host sensitivity to a widespread pore-forming microbial toxin
Session 5: Lipid Droplets and Oleosomes

Keynote Speaker: Changcheng Xu (Brookhaven National Lab.)

Dual role for autophagy in lipid metabolism in Arabidopsis
Session 6: Sphingolipids

Keynote Speaker: Sébastien Mongrand (CNRS)

Plant plasma membrane lipids: role of sphingolipids in interdigitation of membrane leaflets, lipid asymmetry and nanodomain formation

Wednesday, July 11

Session 7: Algae and Microbial Lipids

Keynote Speaker: Yonghua Li-Beisson (CEA-CNRS)

Increasing lipid productivity in microalgae: importance of interaction between lipid catabolism and chloroplast metabolism
Special Lecture 2: Frontiers in Animal Membrane Biology

Speaker: Katharina Gaus (University of New South Wales)

T cell receptor clustering – a mechanism of signal transduction

Thursday, July 12

Session 8: Extracellular Lipids and Isoprenoids

Keynote Speaker: Ljerka Kunst (University of British Columbia)

Post-translational regulation of cuticular wax biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
Special Lecture 3: Frontiers in Animal Membrane Biology

Speaker: Masato Umeda (Kyoto University)

Phospholipid flip-flop as a molecular switch for ion channel activation
Terry Galliard Medal Lecture:

Speaker: Hiroyuki Ohta (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

“Monogalactosyldiacylglycerol or triacylglycerol”: that is the question
Paul Stumpf Award Lecture:

Speaker: Patrick Horn (Michigan State University)

Elucidating the biochemistry of the most abundant trans fatty acid produced in plants
Session 9: Application of Genome-Editing Technology

Keynote Speaker: Eric Moellering (Synthetic Genomics Inc.)

Advancing genomic solutions in algae biofuels and bioproducts
Poster Session 2

Friday, July 13

Session 10: Lipid Biotechnology

Keynote Speaker: Surinder Singh (CSIRO)

Realising the potential of metabolic engineering: Innovation in oilseed crops
Concluding Remarks
Lunch and Farewell