Information for participants

Congress registraion desk for participants

Applying to participate at Congress

  • If you are applying on the day of the Congress: Please fill out your details on the “Application for Participation on the Day” form, which will be located on the sign in desk in front of the registration desk. Once complete, please present this form together with your FY2017 membership card at the registration desk, and settle payment of your Congress fee.
    Please have the correct amount ready for your Congress fee.
    Please be sure to bring your FY2017 membership card with you. Please note that, if you forget your card, your application will take longer.
    If you have not yet transferred payment of the JAOT annual fee, please ensure you complete payment before the date of the Congress.
  • If you have transferred payment of the JAOT annual fee immediately prior to the Congress, please be sure to bring your receipt (certificate of payment) with you.
  • Please fill out your name and organization on your name badge, and be sure to wear it around your neck while at the Congress.
  • Congress attendance stickers cannot be reissued. Please take care not to lose them.

Participants who have completed early registration

If you have completed early registration, the Congress Secretariat will send you a name badge (a badge that incorporates a name tag, receipt and attendance stickers). Please be sure to bring this with you on the day of the Congress. It cannot be reissued if you forget to bring it. If your name badge does arrive by post despite completing an early registration, please contact the Congress Secretariat.

[Congress Reception and cloak time] September 22 (Fri) , 9:00–18:00
Glass Building (B1)
September 23 (Sat) , 8:00–18:00
Glass Building (B1)
September 24 (Sun) , 8:30–11:30
Hall C (1F)

Items not able to be left at the cloakroom: Cash and other valuables, computers, umbrellas (parasols), fragile items, boxed lunches and other perishables

*  Request to participants using the cloakrooms
Please be sure to claim back your personal effects before the end of the day.
Please note that personal effects not claimed within the appointed times may, at the discretion of staff, be relocated to a separate storage location.


There are designated smoking areas in the Tokyo International Forum.

Car parks

Car parking is available in and around the venues, but spaces are limited. Participants are encouraged to use public transport as much as possible. Please note that the Congress will not be held responsible for any accidents, etc. in the car parks.

Equipment Expo September 22 (Fri) – 23 (Sat)

The Equipment Expo will be held in Tokyo International Forum Hall E.
Various types of rehabilitation equipment, welfare equipment, activity materials and play equipment will be on display.

Sale of books

Books will be sold on Hool C F5 of Tokyo International Forum.

Registration desk for JAOT Office

During the Congress, if you forget to bring your membership card, a temporary membership card can be issued at the JAOT Office registration desk.

*  The JAOT Office registration desk will not, however, accept applications for new memberships or payments of annual fees. Before participating in the Congress, please be sure to complete the procedures for admission into JAOT and to complete payment of the current year’s annual fees.