On behalf of the organizing and executive committees of the 49th International Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry (ISNAC2022), I would like to invite all of you to attend ISNAC2022 to be held from November 2 (Wed) to November 4 (Fri), 2022 at Katsushika Campus in Tokyo University of Science. Because ISNAC2020 was canceled and ISNAC2021 was held online due to the COVID19 pandemic, ISNAC2022 is the first onsite ISNAC after the COVID19 pandemic is going down. However, the COVID19 pandemic has not been completely finished. To avoid the expansion of the COVID19 pandemic, our organizing committee has decided that the exchange meeting will not be held where many scientists usually gather to eat and drink in the second day evening of the symposium.

ISNAC started in 1973 as an annual domestic meeting of nucleic acid chemists in Japan, and developed into an international symposium in 2005 for nucleic acid scientists from all over the world. ISNAC may be one of the largest symposiums with the active discussions of nucleic acid chemistry in the world. Nucleic acid chemistry is based on various fields, such as organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, and medicinal chemistry. Recently, nucleic acid chemistry is quite important and expanding to bridge various related fields, such as medicine, pharmacy, and engineering, to develop novel nucleic acid medicines and materials. COVID19 vaccines are one of the nucleic acid medicines. Under these situations, the discussion subjects of ISNAC have been basically based on “chemistry” and they are now expanding the scope to include diverse aspects of molecular biology, gene regulation, epigenetics, bioengineering, biotechnology, biomaterials, therapeutic and diagnostic applications, etc.

It is a great pleasure of our organizing committee to host ISNAC2022 with the invitation of excellent speakers from abroad. We will arrange an exciting scientific program to bring together the scientific community of nucleic acid chemistry and to enjoy fruitful discussions. We sincerely expect that as many scientists as possible including young and senior scientists from both academia and industry will attend ISNAC2022. We are looking forward to meeting all of you in Tokyo.

Hidetaka Torigoe
Chair of ISNAC2022
Graduate School of Science, Tokyo University of Science