Topics will include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Dynamics, vibration, control, traction, brake, accommodation, design, etc.
Electrical/Electronic Systems:
Power supply, signaling system, train control, communication/ information, software, etc.
Structures (bridges, tunnels, stations, etc.)
Safety Technology and Accident Analysis
Boundary Problems:
Wheel/rail interactions, pantograph/catenary interactions, tunnel aerodynamics, etc.
Maglev and Linear Motor Drive Technology:
Vehicle, guideway, dynamics, control, EMC, etc.
Automatic Train Operation
Mobility as a service (MaaS) :
IoT & mobility, autonomous drive, mobile communication and mobility, etc.
Urban Transportation:
Light rail transits, new transportation systems, etc.
Traffic Planning:
Methods, case studies, etc.
Customer Environment and Service:
Comfort, amenity, information, barrier free, etc.
Environment and Energy:
Noise, pollution, electromagnetic compatibility, energy saving, etc.
Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS)
Operation Management
Condition Monitoring
Other Topics
Natural disaster. Countermeasures against COVID-19. Sustainability in new normal lifestyle, etc.