Nara Access Map: Japan and Kansai Area


Although there are no airports in Nara prefecture, the adjacent prefecture of Osaka has Kansai Int'l Airport (KIX) and Osaka Airport (Itami Airport; ITM). If you fly from overseas into Japan at Narita Int'l Airport (NRT), Haneda Airport (Tokyo Int'l Airport; HND) or Fukuoka Airport (FUK), the easiest way to travel directly to Nara is to take a connecting flight to either one of the airports in Osaka. If you plan to spend some time in Tokyo or Fukuoka after arriving from overseas, taking a train is another way to travel to Nara.

Kansai Int'l Airport
from Narita
from Haneda
from Fukuoka
Osaka Airport (Itami Airport)
from Narita
from Haneda
from Fukuoka

Limousine Bus

Airport Limousine Bus service is one of the best options you can choose to transfer from Kansai Int'l Airport or Osaka Airport (Itami Airport) to Nara city central.

The bus fare from Kansai Int'l Airport to Nara costs ¥2,050 and it takes approx. 90min. From Osaka Airport (Itami Airport), it’s ¥1,480 and takes approx. 60min.

From KIX/ITM to Nara

All the seats on the shuttle buses going from KIX/ITM to Nara are non-reserved.

From Nara to KIX/ITM

If you are planning to take a shuttle bus going to KIX (Kansai Int'l Airport) from Nara after the Symposium, please make sure to reserve a seat for your bus ride since the number of the seats on the bus is limited.
Unfortunately, the reservation website for a shuttle bus going to ITM (Osaka Int’l Airport) from Nara is only in Japanese; To reserve your seat on the bus to go to ITM, the best way is to visit JR Nara Bus Information Center, or Kintetsu Nara Bus Information Center.
Your questions about the shuttle buses going to KIX/ITM from Nara will be always welcomed, as well as any questions for your travel, at NTA Travel Desk in the Symposium venue.


Route Map to Nara

Map of Nara City

Required time to Nara Kasugano International Forum
from Kintetsu Nara Station : 20min. walk or 4min Bus ride and 3min. walk.
from JR Nara Station : 10min. Bus ride and 3min. walk