A. Aquatic chemistry of actinides and fission products

  1. A1) Solubility and dissolution
  2. A2) Solid solution and secondary phase formation
  3. A3) Complexation with inorganic and organic ligands
  4. A4) Redox reactions and radiolysis effects
  5. A5) Solid-water interface reactions
  6. A6) Colloid formation
  7. A7) Experimental methods
  8. A8) Computational chemistry

B. Migration behavior of radionuclides

  1. B1) Sorption/desorption phenomena in dynamic systems
  2. B2) Diffusion and other migration processes
  3. B3) Colloid migration
  4. B4) Effects of biological and organic materials
  5. B5) Field and large scale experiments
  6. B6) Natural analogues

C. Geochemical and transport modelling

  1. C1) Data selection and evaluation
  2. C2) Coupling chemistry and transport
  3. C3) Development and application of models
  4. C4) Model validation
  5. C5) Safety assessment and repository concepts

D. Application to Case Studies

E. Special session

Research activities towards HLW disposal in Japan and remediation of the Fukushima Daiichi NPS site