Jointly held

Presidential Speech

Development and Implementation of Public Health Nursing Art

Reiko Okamoto
(President of 6th GNPHN, Prof. of Osaka University PhD(NS), PHN,)

The Power of Public Health Nurses in Disaster Measures

Tamami Matsumoto
(President of 10th JAPHN, Associate Director of Public Health, Associate Director of Public Health; Supervising PHN of Osaka City Government)

Keynote Speech

Public Health Nurses: Health Professionals for No One Left Behind ★

Yasuhide Nakamura
(President Representative Director of WHO JAPAN, Prof. of Konan Women’s University, Prof. Emer. of Osaka University)

Use of Epidemiological Research Findings in Health Activities

Hiroyasu Iso
(Prof. of Osaka University)


Actual Situation and Perspective of Public Health Nursing Activities to Respond to Covid-19 in Each Country ★

Yuko Yamamoto
(Supervising PHN of Osaka Prefecture)
Mary Koslap-Petraco
(Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University School of Nursing)
Dosoon Park
(Community Health Practitioner, Gong-Jin Primary Health Care Post)
Stella Iwuagwu
(Executive Director of NPO; Centre for the Right to Health)
United Kingdom:
Amanda Holland
(Lecturer/CPHVA Wales Chair, Cardiff University School of Healthcare Sciences,Community Practitioner and Health Visitor Association)


※ 6th GNPHN Participants Only

Invited Lecture

Policies and Programs for Persons with Severe Mental Illness in Post -Deinstitutionalization Era: The U.S. Experience

Phyllis Solomon
(Prof. of University of Pennsylvania; Center for Public Health Initiatives)

Understanding the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Adolescent Motherhood

Satoko Okawa
(Associate Prof. of Kansai Medical University)

Marika Mizuko
(PHN of Kadoma City)

Development of Needs-Oriented Healthcare Systems by Public Health Nurses in Japan

Kyoko Yoshioka-Maeda
(Chief Senior Researcher of National Institute of Public Health)

The Collaboration Between Community Health and School Health
~Let’s Work Together as a Team Without a Wall~

Fumiko Nakamura
(School Nurse of Numazu City Ooka Junior High School, Shizuoka)
(Assoc. prof. of Toyo University)


※ - Some programs will have English subtitles -

Special Lecture

Growth and Future Prospects of Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing

Kiyomi Asahara
(Prof. St. Luke’s International University)

Activities of Supervising Public Health Nurses Related to COVID-19 in Health Centers ★

Hatsumi Yamazaki
(Supervising PHN of Kobe City)


Community Development and Frail Prevention for the Elderly  ★

Ayumi Kono
(Prof. of Home Health Nursing, Osaka City University)

Akemi Tanaka
(PHN of Former Ikoma City, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Tomoko Anzai
(Supervising PHN of Sakai City)

Webinar 【GNPHN】

Twenty years with the public health intervention wheel: Evidence for practice

Marjorie A. Schaffer
(Department of Nursing, Bethel University, Professor of Nursing Emerita, PhD, PHN, RN)

Educational Lecture

Covid-19 and Mental Health Measures ★

Masako Takasaki
(Senior Expert of Yokkaichi Plant, KIOXIA Corporation)

Building Disaster-Resilient and Collaborating Communities ★

Eisuke Ikuta
(Associate Prof. of Osaka City University)


Data Health Planning and Policy Formation for Solving Social Issues in the Community ★

Midori Noguchi
(Associate Prof. of Osaka University)

Utilization of Behavioral Economics (Nudge Theory) to Move People's Hearts

Yuta Takahashi
(Director of NPO Policy Garage; Team Leader of Yokohama City YBiT, Head of Section, PHN of Yokohama City)

Changes in Maternal and Child Health in Japan and Expectations of Public Health Nurses

Noriko Kato
(Prof. of Jumonji University)

★:Programs are co-sponsored by the Yuumi Memorial Foundation for Home Health Care.